Aircraft Photography Jobs


All you had to do was stay: no major references in this song about really anything. We have the answer for you. Use this template to place a spotlight on how visually spectacular your properties are. The customers who buy stock photos aren’t the same customers who might buy a photo to use as well art. Sensor size is the biggest determinant of image quality, and you can get aps-c and full frame mirrorless models just like dslrs. One of the only ways that that can be done and that we can hope to maintain freedom of the press is to cover this sort of outrage. Electronic shutter of the canon 1d [photo]. In hindsight, i don’t know if i was 100% ready for the craziness of organizing vendor appointments, tracking pricing, notes, etc. There is a real power in using lines in your images to strengthen and lead to your subject.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

First, start by taking a look at these photos of one of the sample albums that we have here in our studio for our clients (and prospective clients) to drool over. "it's all about what i think. My work has always been. I just like to create things. For the record, it worked for him. Diamante, followed her rock and roll dreams from the east coast to the heart of hollywood’s debaucherous music scene. There are generally three options, speedlights (the portable ones that go on the hot shoe on your camera), strobes (dedicate studio flashes that usually plug into an outlet), or continuous lights. With just 30 minutes or some quality time during tv commercial breaks you should see improvement in your photography skills.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

Be different and create your own unique point of view. Helmut newton’s photo of eddie van halen, as issued by warner bros. Memento mori message or the transience of life, a universally recognized symbol of death.  once you can control how light is getting on that sensor, everything else is interpretation of a scene. During the ‘dies canicula’, a roman term for the hot period of weather between july and mid-august, romans who couldn’t afford cooled-pipes would congregate at the public baths. Who is in control of your photography. I haven't used this in the 70d yet, but in my small sony pocket camera, this mode has been amazing. Level 1 – a one day course which gives a thorough introduction to the world of the mermaid (or merman). From the world famous niagara falls, a segmented block waterfall which spans the niagara river in the province of ontario, canada and new york state in the us to the more sedate boyd falls in fiordland national park of new zealand, waterfalls install a sense of fresh vitality.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

I always try and get to well-known spots in addition to the lesser-known ones. As you can see in our product shot (probably the easiest product shot we've ever taken, since it was the calibrated card itself), there's a slightly dark line down our whibal, a manufacturing imperfection no doubt. Although it is easy to touch up your images using a photo editor, it is easiest just to use a cleaning kit and properly clean your gear before shooting. Respectively where ellis writes in the manner of anglo-spanish relations. Ever need and i have never lost a single file while using them. This is a must if your a xiaomi owner as you can achieve optical flow stitching thanks to yoichi hirota’s amazing app, misphere converter. Il ne semble l’aimer. Magnum/stuart franklin take a closer look at some of the exposures. You can approach product photography in a couple of different ways.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

Oleg oprisco is a fine art photographer born in the town of lviv, ukraine. And some scenes don’t need to be of average brightness. Still life with pencil - step 5. They used thinglink to give the infographic a more interactive touch: hovering over each wish provides a link to more information and a plan for addressing each wish. Along the lake’s western shore, many people had come out to see the auroras.  most notably in image quality.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

I wanted to share some of the pictures and the lessons learned from this birth photography experience. A great many people now working in paid jobs in this field – even directors of prominent international charities – started their careers as volunteers. Modeling job scams, why they should be avoided, and our statement about. Action macro photography (how to shoot falling droplets). You may want to go to upper antelope canyon on one visit and lower antelope canyon on the next. On top of everything), i will make an effort to write and tell you. This class will teach you the techniques you need to know to get great macro photos along with a discussion of the specific equipment. Still have questions about your candy bar. Investigators usually work exclusively in one of these three areas because each requires a great deal of education and training.

aircraft photography jobs
aircraft photography jobs

When searching for ohio wedding photographers, especially a cincinnati wedding photographers, it can be so tough to find the right one. I’m happy you were able to find a work situation that is better for you; i also sometimes miss having other people around, though. I discuss everything from learning to posing to reviewing photography gear, to the technical aspects of photography, like stops and nd filters. There isn’t a photograph in the world worth getting hurt over. I’ve compiled a wedding photography checklist with a few tips to help you make the big day run smoothly. The future with fujifilm instax. More information on the photography equipment insurance program including a short worksheet as part of the application that helps you determine an estimate of the annual premium based on the value of the equipment you have to insure. The cover has had a lasting societal impact.

She doesn’t have too. They are also there to assist your guests in using the booth and will explain to your guests how to log on to your new private web gallery and view and order photos for months to come. Make sure you bring your camera to put what you’ve learnt on the day into practice. Best macro lenses for wedding photographers. When it’s shallow, just a small part of your photograph appears sharp. Turning quickly and underexposing by two stops. We have used both her indoor and outdoor studio. I can pull the light off separately. But how do we best utilise pattern in our work. We spend time determining the average annual financial growth of the individual franchised businesses and how changes in market presence affect them individually.

It requires a camera modified for full-spectrum photography, a special lens with good uv transmission, as well as a set of expensive filters to block out all visible and infrared light. Decalcomania is a process of spreading thick paint upon a canvas then—while it is still wet—covering it with further material such as paper or aluminium foil. They asked entrants to upload their favourite family portraits –. Two years ago, jimmy chin, a prominent climber and photographer from jackson, wyoming, married a new yorker, a documentary filmmaker named elizabeth chai vasarhelyi. The position is physically demanding and involves lifting items weighing up to 50 pounds. After a few days of tlc and rest he was free. He started working for a mr. Then convert back to rgb mode, go to the menu mode>rgb.

A full service design studio, fox studios offers a wide range of services from logo design and brand identity to extensive advertising campaigns and packaging solutions.   vertex has actually replaced this model with the. Although the color is unsaturated and often grey, it can make any photo have a moody and evocative feel. If you´ve ever wondered how you can uncover your personal photography style, this article will help you get started. These are the lenses that would be great for food photos on your full frame sensor camera. Those diagonal shots and dutch angles might work well in selfies, but if your food looks like it’s about to slide off the photo, your viewer will probably want to tilt their head to look at the photo properly… don’t make them do that. More than that, how you frame them and what you include in the frame can add be the ‘props’ for your story. If you are not sure-footed, please consider a pair of crampons for walking over ice and snow. With the ability of photography to document changes in time and the reality of the physical experience of being human, people were able to be recorded. Pictured above is the fotodiox aperture enabler i have mentioned just now, mounted on the 50mm f/1.

A rim light (tom uses anther tungsten fresnel 650w with barn doors). Because of the ban, reddit users flooded the site with pictures of overweight people and reddit's interim ceo ellen pao. When possible, 5-10 days old is ideal. What are some things you have found successful when you are in a photography rut. While it is true that srgb is today’s web standard, a growing number of user’s monitors supports as much as 98% of the adobergb color space and some photography contests even require you to upload your images with the adobergb color profile. I’m moving from boots to trail shoes so be interesting to see how that works. Anyway, if sean is interested, here’s a good example of mixing film + something else: alton brown. I am finding i can be more “expressive” with the color and content of images i create. This fantastic art form will only. Extra people welcome at $50 per person .

In those respects it's better than any zoom that covers the 50mm focal length range. Portia labiata with her precious eggs. This calculation does describe our sensor sizes of given megapixels and aspect ratio. The blinkies come in handy here: while the histogram tells you that something is overexposed, the blinkies show which parts of the image are washed out, and how large those areas are. 4 keeps the distortion down a whole lot. He had intended to bring along the raw file, which is essentially the photo's digital original, for comparison purposes -- but he claims that he forgot to bring it. Next time it rains, don’t let it get you down. [4] a young man emerged from the crowd of demonstrators and started placing carnations into the barrels of their rifles.

Pick this up for your favorite photographer for just $49. Because most group buying sites discount photography services at least 50% of their regular value and take a 50% commission, you are left with essentially nothing. A tool like sprout social can help you to see. By underexposing parts of the image (i. Your photography skills—composition, knowing your camera, and processing will grow exponentially over the course.

To make sure this is clear, it’s like discussing the milky way’s spiral from this angle, rather than from this angle. This is an ideal field guide for eos shooters looking to get started in astrophotography. The availability of cheap cameras to take direct images of the retina, fundus photography, makes it possible to examine the eye for the presence of many different eye diseases with a simple, non-invasive method.

Aircraft Photography Jobs

The range of tools is focused on professional users. Many twin citians spend their summer free time at their lake cabins in rural minnesota and wisconsin. She was always a good balance between sassy and sweet making me laugh and wanting more. Unique approach and skill, the clients are always offered the best photography. And then i guess that when using full manual you can't use exposure compensation. This photo was from my trip to ireland, but there is no shortage of cool lounges and pubs to choose from in los angeles. Again, thank you for a very good customer service and for an amazing product. On top, photography tours are for me yet.

After all, having fun is what photography is all about. Muskrats grazing in the bright green grass on an old dam of a. If you want to be more prepared, you can use planetarium software such as stellarium to render in advance a view of the night sky as it will appear at your photo site (assuming clear skies).   chris is a ppa master photographer, a designation earned by years of hard work and dedication to the art and science of photography. In this case, you can print a high-quality 5 x 7 photo by snapping a picture with a 3. I did some video during the shoot too which turned out to be my favourite so far. A circular polarizer (cp) filter is an essential tool to have in your camera bag year around, but it is very helpful when photographing winter landscapes.

There is a special quality of love and laughter that is unique to adult families and it was especially true of the gordons. We are mainly going to discuss rembrandt lighting because it’s very easy to employ and does a beautiful job of filling in shadows around the face. The {fantastic|excellent|great|good} {job|work}. You should come with you hair and make-up ready. It’s also a good idea to have your model seated in front of a table on which you have also placed a white card. Laura feels strongly that your education should not end as you leave her workshop, therefore all workshop attendees receive private access to a restricted area within the forum wherein each past attendee can continue to share, ask questions and learn from other workshop participants, laura included.

The beautiful thing about photography with the smartphone is that it expands your creativity and can even help with your digital slr photography. I was beginning to lose hope when out of nowhere a head popped up out of the kelp and gave me an inquisitive stare. Personal photography projects are extremely important because they keep your passion for photography alive. How to make a photography light box. Here are a few tips for taking macro photos of flowers. You are looking to start a commercial photography business. That was a long blog post. “the life in the south african bush has been as well or even better than i expected. There's a lot of stuff to learn when doing aviation photography before. I totally love beaches, but they deserve a complete article of their own.

Timbuk2 ace laptop backpack messenger bag. Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health). -herbert read, art and society , p. Work with photographers who are "hungry," because there is a sense. Tweaking a picture for that market is a skill rooted in the old-fashioned demands of the newspaper picture desk: where's the story. Not yet ready to capture video, but looking to upgrade your photography. A good photograph has to surprise me. The fee is good for any location in the. Surroundings, which is useful in predator evasion.

“i always think through the composition in advance, choosing the background and props beforehand. There is no shortage of great images explaining the exposure triangle on the interwebs. A wideangle zoom lens is ideal for capturing fireworks, although longer lenses can also be used successfully. You cannot open a dental journal without an article about dental/digital photography or gadgets costing thousands of dollars promising accurate color-matching. Flickr/julien harneisit takes a lot of metals and minerals to make our favorite gadgets, whether they’re smartphones, tvs, or everything in between. The basics of a new strategic framework.

The idea here is to have full control over the exposure settings which is possible to a large extent in these two modes on your camera. It enhances for future generations the sadness of celebrations cut short in. The result is an upside-down version of the objects being beamed in from the opposite side of the pinhole—an incredible miracle, and an amazing scientific discovery for people that lived more than a millennium before the “middle ages. Faa 333 exemption approved services for commercial operations in all 50 states for aerial photography, cinematography and numerous other aerial applications including instruction on unmanned aerial systems. 4, which recorded an arc of 142 degrees on 3.

Controller, but not every camera comes with one or even has one available optionally. He has a crescent moon on his head and a trisul or trident in the right lower arm. Single clients' wedding day like it was our own, from initial inquiry to final album delivery. In this book, chaize chronicles an intimate beach in the south of portugal over the course of eight years, resulting in photos that are appealing to anyone who loves the beach and photography alike. It is the client’s job to decide whether your designs are really amazing and you are a “talented designer” or you aren’t. Longer exposures will give more spins, sparks, and a brighter image.  client accepts that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other forms of communication that fotosold provides satisfies any legal requirement as though it is in writing.

That would technically leave me with about. Which sd-card to use in the leica q. State of colorado job opportunities - denver, co 3. The mini session is a 20-25 minute photo shoot that is offered on a limited number of dates throughout the year. Make blur contrast work for you. White surface reflectors are the most common – they are used for soft fill. Now i knew what stock photography sites were looking for. On the other hand with the groom in a black tux i want to set the exp comp for a stop or so under middle gray. Photojournalism involves application of photography skills and aesthetics to the area of news reporting and journalism. You can shoot (and freeze) moving subjects – such as pouring a dram of glenmorangie single malt scotch whisky 😉.

This is the key compositional tool in star trails photography:. But, the 5 year statement triggers a connecting thought in my head. Joanna - hi would like to inquire about your wedding packages. It’s a beautiful design of a playful cat with mice and a gift that any cat lover would enjoy all year long.   further evidence of a search is the awkward positioning of the two chairs in the kitchen. Intimate moment between two subjects. It began with an epiphany:. She was great with all of my formal pics and her photo journalism style of photography made for some beautiful shots. How do you keep track. Night photography begins before the sun sets and preparing for a shoot requires some imagination.

Also carry with you a tripod, nd filters, grads and a polariser. No two weddings are alike, just like no two relationships are similar. A major concern while photographing in this wilderness is the harsh arctic climate, through which it’s not always easy to pilot a drone, and the remoteness of some of his favourite shooting locations. The group is managed by the editorial team of the popular photography magazine . These are some important points to consider while processing:.

An olpf, also called an aa filter, blurs details in order to combat color moiré. Plan b swung into action as the sunset was approaching and a path was blazed down to south queensferry instead. For demonstration purposes, i have intentionally underexposed these shots. I was quite nervous ordering a 450% enlargement, but the result was crystal clear and just perfect. I’d love to shoot tilda swinton, to be quite honest.

Here’s how it plays out in my mind. Explore backcountry roads, or take a hike into the nearby mountains to find truly dark night skies. Arthur leared, a wexford native, realised that laennec’s instrument could be more effective, so he connected two earpieces to the listening cylinder with rubber tubes. Ls; landscape oriented with negative space to the side.  in my approach 80% of success is observation.

We don’t suggest paying a pr person at first (unless you have the budget to do so). Must be able to work saturday’s. The pavilion occupied a site in the museum's sculpture garden and was one of several large installations for the exhibition. Our designers have worked hard to offer you thousands of quality templates. But now my husband cant get near me because she will bark at him n growl. Do you have any photography diy tips. So, i never even looked at what picture style set on my camera.

Mary ellen matthews has been influenced by this old hollywood portrait style, so she employs the same high-contrast lighting principles to add drama to the portraits she creates for. The search tool below allows students to find an online photography program designed to equip them for success. It looks as if they are weeping forever– in eternity. “once they started to droop, they were in the trash. When it comes to weddings, is any assignment a good one. While you are studying the book shoot at least fifty pix a day of varying subjects and put in at least an hour or two doing your editing and post production. Alfred stieglitz was an influential photographer who spent his. Sydney event photography - why us. And i don't know how you did it, but you managed to take so many photos of everyone and everywhere by yourself.

Of course, you can always set the lens to manual focus, though i find the auto focusing lens mechanism is much more precise at focusing than i am. However for many, shall we say, leisure artists who would like to be able to make a little cash from their favourite hobby, it is of considerable interest. She now has a more diverse pharmacy background, which includes ambulatory care and pharmacogenomics. Discussed below are the commonly used equipments in night photography. In general we want a balanced white light, but white, itself, is actually not well-defined. I’ve been teaching a kids photography class for three years, and i can state with absolute certainty that if i tried teaching my own son the way i teach my students, he would most likely never pick up a camera again. Nowadays, photography is considered an art form as valid as any other, and there are multiple museums and galleries exhibiting photographic work. This mode is perfect when you want to get a good exposure of both the subject and an illuminated background. See the three editions available on amazon. One railroad enthusiast in chicago, told of the change by mountain town news, expressed disappointment.

But quickly i turned back to airplanes (being an rc aircraft pilot and builder for over 25 years), because i was doing mapping jobs mostly of free areas or low building coverage and of more than 10 hectars.

Aircraft Photographer Jobs

Courtesy of kcb natural pearls. The wait provided plenty of time to drink in “william klein: paintings, etc. He returned to the s. Does that make it not art, or does it mean that art is inherently an opinion (like you indicated. Bases at pleiku and long binh, i was able to observe and record. To save the captioned picture, click the. (i have no affiliation with showcase, i am just curious).

The following suggestions will respond to these varying needs. Aside from the earlier-given tips, it is also advised that you set up the camera somewhere distant from where water may flow or interfere. Finally, framing, finding leading lines, thinking about foregrounds and backgrounds and adding points of interest are also important aspects of creating a stunning light trail photo. Types of cruise job opportunities. Running for office requires great political campaign photography that yield a set of great campaign photos. Of course, there are certain tolerances that are forgiven and those are different for each manufacturer. Kimberly anderson of utah met with me last year and we included her work in a group exhibition at photographic center nw, salt/water. While the best approach is to work with a lawyer to draft your own contract, there are a few things photographers can look out for when presented with a contract.

With the increasing popularity of the internet, many cruise lines now have worldwide websites and these can be a valuable source of information for job-seekers. Ok let's get back on track.  here are 5 skills you need to get a drone job today. This image has a purple tint due to the filter i used to take it. The happy couple got engaged in november. At royalbindi, we aim to ignite magic into each moment of the day. Don’t worry too much concerning these, since if you recognize a reasonable amount concerning photography they shouldn’t present too much of a problem. I have come to this course sort of influenced by some tutorials from alex i saw elsewhere. Nowadays, cameras come in many different forms. The camera lens consists of one or more precisely shaped pieces of glass or plastic called elements.

And authors face a daunting task when seeking illustrations, and must address.   bring your car, a motorcycle, your four wheeler or any other items that you want included in your high school senior pictures. According to chapter 8, it is what makes the wealth of content seen in today's media possible. I have always been a fan of 50mm primes for weddings, because they are very practical and easy to carry around. Sometimes they will help with job placement. State and federal governments, photography companies, corporations and photography organizations offer grants for photographers, but typically only to support projects. We are really looking forward to see our readers’ interpretation of this unique theme. I took this photo with a 35mm lens, a normal lens on an aps-c camera.

In its first year, the del sol was available in s and si levels of trim. We're continuing our series showcasing the top emerging and established photographers using film today, proving that film is not dead. Couples are getting in on the action. When you come to your batch dialog, select your watermark vertical action. It uses simple led lighting as a way get steady and controllable exposure and colour temperature. That’s pretty crazy fast, right.

All designs are 100% mobile responsive, and you have the option to fine-tune things yourself. Were you the one whose clicked photographs were all over the gallery in a recently held photography exhibition. The skull and bones tomb. About loupes frequently stirs the same loyalty for one brad or another as do similar. Please take note of the terms and conditions:.  but more commonly there are aspects of the scene that are closer to you than infinity. The camera takes sd cards and with a 32gb, that can last you a long time. With guidance through posing,  i  help you relax and look confident and comfortable. Stunning photographs can result from skillful outdoor photography.

Camera ludica is a video essay exploring the recent phenomenon of what is often called in-game photography.   all undeliverable packages that are returned to will be subject to a $12. The underwater server containers could also help make web services work faster. In the dark tempest, or at dewy evening. Shutter cord for bulb exposures.

She made us feel comfortable, and was able to capture us looking natural, happy, and in love. This could be the mantra of the kitchen porter. Just like when you go on a job interview, the first impression you give a recruiter on linkedin matters the most. Check out our list of global podcast favourites to bulk up your budding subscription list. The last sentence there suggests extensive training in face recognition, even if unintentional. Food porn does not supplement sex. After graduating from florida state’s college of law in 1987, he landed a job with orlando-based agent robert fraley. My wife and i had our child on easter sunday. 7 tips to help improve your seascape photos by controlling the waves.

It is known as the “texas leica” because of its hefty build quality and size. Certainly have in your camera bag. After breakfast, transfer to delhi airport for a flight to jabalpur. That would empower to be involved in your passion for justice without having to be on the front lines. We are seeing order as opposed to chaos and this is what hooks our interest and propels us from just looking at an image to actually experiencing it because of its emotional impact. That is what amy anderson photography is about, capturing your special moments. Be guided to some of the most prominent hot spots of oahu island to capture stunning photographs and be home in time for lunch. If the class is canceled for any reason, you will be notified via email.

  most nikon photographers are all lusting over the nikon af-s nikkor 105mm f1. Some states, however, offer more job opportunities than others.   while some aerial photographers perform both jobs simultaniously, we believe the best images are produced when the photographer can concentrate on taking pictures and the pilot can concentrate on flying the aircraft safely. You may also custom design a tour that works best for you and your group. Based on or recreating an actual event, era, life story, that purports to be factually accurate and contains no fictional elements. My husband, and many others, has more experience and more skill than some guys who have full time career positions on big city fire departments. This was the first tutorial i purchased from slr lounge and i was surprised by the quality and the volume of it. This will soften the feel of the light. I especially like white buildings, because i can overexpose a bit and remove any remnants of the building in the digital darkroom giving the image a clean, studio-like quality.

Richard beard, controlled most of the licences in england and wales with the exception of antoine claudet who had purchased a licence directly from daguerre. It is the story-telling of an event which was typically in the past, or has (been) happening for a long period of time.  part of the job of the radiographer can be to explain the procedure to the patient clearly and to answer all of their questions. This is the one thing i've had to practice the hardest with digital photography, and continue to work on. Her gift for capturing natural light falling over beautiful subject matter and her technical abilities have brought her success as a food and product photographer serving clients such as starbucks, burger king, ghirardelli, method, logitech and mcdonald's to name a few. Except that’s not happening at all. The san diego air and space museum sits on the outskirts of balboa park. Photography is unlike most other types of. You have to make a photograph which requires you to know the techniques that will help you to portray what is in front of you in the best possible way. It might perhaps be argued that as archdeacon colley's writing was familiar to hope, he had, in spite of his disabilities, made some special effort to masterand reproduce it.

This idea of photos is rather widely used not only during wedding photo sessions on the beach, but also when shooting on various locations. Remember to keep it simple, and make it powerful. Densitometers were in use by photographers largely to determine the density and contrast of plates and so the correct exposure and paper grades to use when making a print.  “this is the magazine for those of you interested in photographing the wilderness—in far-off destinations, in local parks or in your own backyard. Start by setting your aperture to get your desired depth of field. You love being a developer because you experience growth every single day.

The city boasts various carnivals and youngsters would enjoy. Artists are using images and symbols in ways that attempt to short-circuit the sense that things are controlled from outside or underworld.   the artist’s true genius can be found in his ability to model barely perceptible form in very dark shadows. Place set up to the noghri as sirhka put the cord round the bend. Maybe it's time for a new battery of dremel-drill tests. The same principles from the high-key example apply here. Layer, take your rubberstamp tool and get rid of that glare on his. I was actually hoping to get a few images of the migrating hummingbirds at the bee plants but that wasn’t to be, the few that i saw stayed further away than i would have liked. There is no download involved; you have to first install the deskgram extension for your web browser which can be done through their website. You will not be able to nail a good moon shot on the first attempt.

Again with some cameras, this can be set by the photographer and with others, the camera will adjust itself automatically. What is far more important is your imagination, skill and, ingenuity. -2 lb scuba weights (the soft kind filled with pellets) to hold down stuff. Again, it comes down to goals. He has written hundreds of equipment reviews, how-to articles and profiles of world-class photographers. Jill greenberg's passion for photography started at an early age, and she pursued this passion through her photography degree later in her college years.

You can find out more about lane’s plates and purchase you own through his website, facebook page, and etsy store. Being a working professional, i never used to get time for brushing my hobby of photography. He isn't going to get very far for a number of reasons, all of which illustrate the primary differences between photographs and software and other technologies where cc succeeds. It should have multiple usb ports, lan port, hdmi port, wi-fi, bluetooth, infrared etc. The sony a6000 is the best mirrorless camera as it allows you to get beautiful images and videos with its ams-c sensor.

I had not applied it specifically in photography, but i have cropped to it naturally because sometimes the r of 1/3s just does not seem "right. In the preparation stages, you’ll be priming the necessary equipment and backgrounds for indoor work or scouting out appropriate locations for outdoor shoots. "that is where my head is right now, even with the makeup i wear. She stops, cocks her snot-nosed face to the side and flops herself on top of you, letting out an adorable laugh.   things like worksheets, powerpoint presentations, worksheets, assignments, rubrics, assessment tools, photographs of students (and you.