Photography Jobs Overseas


Depending on the type of work performed in the workplace, the amount of light required will differ.  only five days new and one of the most gorgeous, happiest babies i have ever seen. Mehmet and i met in the south of france in 2016 when i led a photography workshop there. Majority of practical purposes and for understanding the concept. Responsible for all product imagery for e-commerce and press room. It falls between those glorious, preposterously expensive chromebooks and everyone else’s craptastic chromebooks.

photography jobs overseas
photography jobs overseas

While a monitor might seem a better or even larger option and thus easier for critical work, they generally won't give you the same resolution as a loupe on the screen on the back of the screen. 12 tips & tricks for shooting great textures (and a free texture pack. Assembled in washington to pressure congress and the white house. Today we’ll spend a full day plying the length of soda butte and lamar valley’s in search of wildlife opportunities. So let’s quickly cover what you need to know ahead of time to protect yourself. Thank you for being a part of this incredible year with me. Nonetheless, the allure of photography was irresistible to her, as she wrote, “from the first moment i handled my lens with a tender ardour, and it has become to me as a living thing, with voice and memory and creative vigor. It's pretty simple to do,. The virtual staging software used, while an important part of the proprietary process, when used alone in no way guarantees a realism or even reasonable result.

photography jobs overseas
photography jobs overseas

The perfect garden-party venue was dotted with painted feathers, whimsical florals from papertini and crocheted dream catchers of course. Here are 8 tips for helping models feel great during maternity shoots. Camera+ is an iphone-specific application that has been rated #1 in camera apps for iphones. Stuff, local production houses and rental houses. America owning a car and a tv makes you middle-class. You have a passion for what you do and enrich the customer"s experience by sharing your knowledge to determine the customer"s needs.

photography jobs overseas
photography jobs overseas

Have you been thinking about a career change, and photography. The first composition features weston's friend. If it's done well, you can capture sharp stars and a well-lit foreground in a single image without the need to blend two different exposures. So we’re going to skip right passed point and shoot cameras and go for something a little bit more difficult. Both enjoyed the experience much more than they thought they would. I look at people from new angles and focus on their beauty.

We are thinking of a vanity kind of like this. Flexlayout) algorithm produced both objectively and subjectively more desirable grids. Rare early australian photographs, not seen in public for more than 100 years, have been acquired by the national library. If you’re only a beginner in photography, the last thing you need is to start a trip with a camera you’ll struggle to use. The area is perfect for an elegant theme for your wedding pictures. These are all virtual, making it possible to learn everything you need to know from home. Even without these struggles, which are part of every life, the form, too, imposes choices. The images are direct positives and no negative is required.

Stop the cheque i wrote him. You can also reach us through email by using the online contact form located on this website. Be the most useful of the filters. Have the questions your family ask you like “are we there yet. Each side of the whibal is actually measured so the best side is marked with the label.

You will also need a sound blimp for your camera or it's really difficult to shoot while filming because of the shutter noise. We will have two safaris aday, one in the early morning and the other in late afternoon, early evening. Jill takes aim as the black widow. Com provide an online marketplace where employers post work and freelancers bid on completing the work in an open market, which is often extremely competitive. Get ready to enjoy new destinations and new adventures on modern, state of the art ships that make you feel right at home. A makeup artist could offer a class on bridal makeup for the do-it-yourself bride, and a hairstylist could offer a class on the classic bridal chignon. Probably the greatest highlights of this model are the video camera. It's considered a good bang for your buck dslr at under $1000. Was there enough resolution to go around. Editing software (choose one): picasa (free from google), iphoto (free from apple), or lightroom (from adobe).

Companies may or may not prefer a college education. Those without camera gear will have the opportunity to work with robb and his gear in a collaborative effort to capture a wide range of images based on the conditions and the opportunities that present themselves. When i first started shooting street photography, i shot like henri cartier-bresson – looking for the decisive moment, being patient, and juxtaposing interesting subjects and backgrounds. The great thing about windows is that you truly have the freedom of customizing everything you want, whether it’s the hardware or software side. For baby has brought pleasure. I can remember cases were they dallied with fanciful but empty phrases because they were literally unable to explain in the simplest terms what their companies actually did. Means, not an end it itself, i thought it worthwhile to look at what is meant by the word . It is also a great way to develop a new concept or idea. Does he view his famous subjects in a similar light. In life there are significant milestones that sculpt our way; memorable occasions we wish to freeze and remember forever.

 to be honest, when britney was breaking down, we were her only friends there for, like, a year. Over the last year, i’ve really started using my gopro camera more for photos and less for video. Search for business card templates. Developing b&w film in a lab usually costs a bit more than c-41 colour. He managed to display simple. The painters of the future would use it to eliminate the old faults and mannerisms, assimilating photography’s impressive objectivity—while, of course, steering clear of its potential unattractiveness. How about letting the arts council decide. When you're out traveling to new and exciting locations with your wide angle lens, it's really easy to get sidetracked and forget about the most important part: the people that came with you.

Clients are provided with a one-year access to a private online photo gallery available for download in high-resolution formats. Portraits are not just photographs, they are works of art. To say it has a lot of features is an understatement. Rss feed for keyword: "panorama pictures". Photography has huge areas of the scene in darkness with occasional illuminated. To fit inside the cell. Sanborn is a large and well-established aerial imagery firm now getting into the oblique business. Thin sections than in grain mounts. My only complaint about the bh-30 is the large knob which can sometimes get in the way, but you can get around the problem by rotating the head a little. The tripod might creep down under the weight of your camera/lens combination or even worse it might tip over and send your expensive piece of equipment into a one way ticket onto a concrete floor, neither is what we are looking for i guess.

This is the kind of thing you’ll have to calculate out in the field, so doing it in your head semi-accurately is acceptable. Judah declines, even after he learns that messala will also compete. Take time to simply be in the moment with where you are. You see that the photo is curved on the sides:. This shot was taken on my first trip to death valley national park in the salt pan near salt creek.

Essential wedding photography equipment – flashgun. You do have the option of spreading the cost of your purchase over 10 monthly interest free payments. Even if your photos are being accepted and are selling, pay attention to any feedback you get from stock photography agencies. Giant’s causeway, northern ireland. Do not underestimate the power of referrals. Here is the story of crystal and kenneth who shared their engagement photo-shoot with us recently.

You’re capturing people in their natural habitat:. I want to shout to everyone…. It and telecommunications field – this is another rising industry in the island that has been a good source of latest job vacancies like it jobs. Maybe i photographed your friend or your sister or your friend’s sister. If questions arise, you want to make sure your customer can easily contact you. Services include newborn photography, family photography, and 1st birthday photography. Expert photography marketing hacks | the art of marketing has gotten a bad rep.

User experience designer is a job with a strong career path if you can get in on the ground floor and move up through the ranks. The public domain will grow again in 2019. In this article we’re going to focus on practical, low-cost techniques you can try, using items you probably already have in your home. Narrow your search to find colleges granting certificates, associate's diplomas, bachelor's diplomas, and master's diplomas in photography majors. The laptop market is doing just fine (for now). Nonetheless, if you've been thinking about buying a full-frame dslr but have been waiting for some of the more modern technologies – touchscreen control, a vari-angle screen, wi-fi sharing and so forth – then the 6d mark ii does a grand job. Online photography school, online photography degree.

I enjoy there great selection and deals on bras/ panties / lotions/ spray’s. Bright colors lend themselves to photos when the intent is to bring an upbeat or more cheerful feel to the image. She brought so much enthusiasm and fun to every meeting we had with her, and kept it up throughout our wedding day. Merit scholarships are supplied to students primarily based on their athletic, creative or academic advantage. And the lack of cons i can think of, is what is really making me consider and close to buying a few cheap led lights. Result in just a single color being produced. I have three options this year:.

Next, i closed the windows and pulled the shades down to make it as dark as possible. Just enough common since to not get everyone around you killed.

Photography Jobs Overseas

We are proud to be at the forefront of this area of photography and supply quality event photographs to a. Welcome to faby and carlo, the home of elegant boudoir photography in london. That was definitely a proud moment to realize i could fully support myself through my own photography business.  the same principles that applied to black and white film photography 50 years ago, still apply today. Other penalties for fraud or serial offenses include higher penalties and even criminal charges. Banh mi – sandwich with vegetables, omelette and various different fillings. Abbas abbas wears helmet and flack-jacket while covering the war. This should be a sport that you are good at because you will be highlighting the points where you excel in your performance of that sport. While this makes it hard (but not impossible) to remove the name, it also looks stupid, particularly if it’s in your primary portfolio. If the starting image is in color, then the items that are toremain in color are isolated, or selected, apart from the rest ofthe photograph.

Clearer idea of what to expect. I often get asked where my business name came from and how meme is pronounced. When the weather is overcast, the sunlight is being diffused through the cloud cover, and become much larger, creating much softer shadows. Have you ever tried to work outside the south. If you have a creative/fun idea for your project, he will most-likely always be up for it. Galleries in the capital promote swedish talent as well as the works of many international artists, and often collaborate on broader cultural projects. Black and white photography persists long after its technological supersession. Instead it focuses on one particular function - selective desaturation. Even if the job you are applying to requires no technical skills whatsoever, you should list at least one or two.

 be respectful by introducing yourself, offering to email photos, and provide a card. Husbands also determine whether their wives may drink alcohol. If you use a canon digital slr, the ef-s 17-55mm f/2. I have always loved taking pictures as a hobby. I would certainly read through another issue of. Photography facilitates, my curiosity, and this is what i love about it as a profession, shooting overseas jobs can be just as fascinating as family shoot, you never know who you will meet.

It is easy to navigate and they simply have everything. The first thing he said was that it was difficult for italian men to be open to other men for friendships. Not long afterwards, thanks to the assistance and support of the president and first lady, anderson performed at an easter sunday, open-air concert on the steps of the lincoln memorial.   it will be highlighted blue when selected.  the residual deviations from the common focus for the remaining wavelengths are completely negligible. I definitely will be making more appointments with him for any session i have.   this journal is not specifically about photography and is more open ended than that.

As examples of the conventional digital x-ray photography device, there are, for example, the japanese patent unexamined publication no. Many thanks for a great day out. It lets you use larger apertures or slower shutter speeds. What is aperture in photography. There’s more to this case than just “don’t steal photos for porn. For the purpose of improving.

Don’t let anyone can form in the winter and sometimes have you be angry or upset you instead of struggling just to get their fill. Podcasts are awesome (even if they may finally kill radio). Personal creations is your one-stop back to school spot. Search out global companies who are based in both your home country and in australia, and find out whether they offer transfer opportunities – quite often global companies do. After earning a story credit for the 2002 drama the deserted station, kiarostami continued his examination of the middle class with his script for crimson gold - the deliberate and elegiac story of an overweight man struggling to find his footing in contemporary iran. It’s particularly useful for outdoor portraits on bright days, but can be used effectively in different conditions for a range of subjects. It allows us to see the meringue and whipping cream layered with the fig and blood orange slices. I never suggest doing this. Not exclusively do your photos rely on upon the style of photography, however, the picture taker too, because every individual will give careful consideration to various parts of your wedding. Place it in the tinfoil and wrap the foil around it.

On the other end, a professional photographer is equipped with all kinds of tools and equipments.   bring with you the size of the space to fill on your wall and a ruler, open up these design tricks on your mobile device, and play with frames. Portfolios (some also sell the images for you). A very handy tool for camera and camera man. I have a small photography school in moscow. All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses. After you have successfully completed your pre-veterinary studies you will be ready to go to veterinary school. – mickey shannon, mickey shannon photography.

Now look at a similar image below (. Either way – this option does exist, works well for many photographers and i would suggest that you try to explore it to see if it works for you or not and take it from there. I strive to work closely with couples to make sure the emotions of the day are captured in a way that presents their story and their relationship as unique. Any image found on this site that was purchased by ralph deluca will be identified. Can basically experiment with changes to a photo without ever affecting.

Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for photography jobs overseas.   often we see the world from some sort of predetermined vantage point. Somewhere between starting a business and falling in love, i quit hurting. Are you currently expecting and looking for a maternity and newborn photographer to capture your baby's story. Some photographers use poster or foam core board. I believe that macro photography has the power of entering in a whole new world of tiny creatures. Instead, others will perceive a counterclockwise spin. If the above tripods are out of your budget, another potential choice would be the mefoto carbon fiber globetrotter kit.

You can have a very enjoyable drive in your thirty-year-old ramshackle car, which usually has much more character and individuality anyhow. It was the first flash bulb design, which could be reproduced on a larger industrial scale. The contrast works so well with the light raking over the rough cut limestone. A'la carte items will also be available to include additional sizes for prints and wall art and more digital images. While it might be ‘graphic’, it is actually interesting and educational.

Scrims may be material stretched across frames, rolls of diffusion, sheets of acrylic or depron (dense polystyrene). Are mid range zoom lenses. In photography, as in any artistic endeavor, rejection is an inevitable part of life. Perhaps you can make some revolutionary photography strap, bag, or product that allows you to be around photography. Applicants must have a high school diploma or ged. Edgar degas wrote in 1883: "there is one master, corot.

Refractors tend to need their field curvature corrected when using today’s larger sensors. Personal chefs are becoming increasingly more popular, especially in big cities like new york and los angeles. Now he is responsible for designing and maintaining exhibits at a children’s museum in pennsylvania. Once a production enters into principal photography, it begins filming. I’d only be there about 3 weeks. In most communities it’s kind of cliche, but it works, and it gives you both immediate name recognition and placement in the market, as well as the best keyword combo for local search engine optimization. But i wouldn’t vote for it because it’s all natural light. You can hire a private guide in just about any city. This leads to the response to –. Less time so it does not over expose as shown here:.

Seen castles and rivers and buildings you learn of in high school history class. Favorite street or documentary photography city: calcutta, india. These two distinct “styles,” represent two contrasting approaches characteristic of surrealists art, and exemplified in the early work of yves tanguy and rené magritte. Vain attempt to try to protect themselves. Harsh new england elements they could last for centuries. Through ecommerce photography, once you shoot the products’ images, the most important thing that come into picture is clipping path service. This again emphasizes the distinction in color use for children's toys. Her first job with a new zealand hotel chain led geddes to fall in love with photography. Use a flash with adjustable output and reduce the light by one-half of a stop or more to provide just enough light to open dark areas of your image without overpowering the natural light.   in other words, i probably got way faster shutters than published above….

I capture beautiful places and people. Professional wedding photographers on average are booked between nine to fifteen months before the wedding date, especially for more popular wedding dates. We're a husband and wife team: you'll get two photographers who have different shooting styles from each other when you work with focus photography. The search bar will also make suggestions before you type anything. My wedding is indoors, in downtown hillsboro and there isn't any good spots nearby for pictures with my loved ones. Being a female steelworker hadn’t been easy. Don’t assume they’ll scan it or read it anyway.

 this course will teach you how to add cinematic color style effects to your still photography – all in photoshop. I am a student with the art institute of pittsburgh's photography program. In the second and fourth images, i used a pentax 1° digital (readout) spot meter and placed the white card in the second image and the egg in the fourth image just brighter than zone vii, rendering them as near-white.   our straight-forward yearbook program makes it a breeze for yearbook coordinators and parents. ): best expressed as the percentage of light that reaches the workplane or “usable light”. His most famous one: ‘la madeleine à la flamme filante’.

Operative who trained with american forces in cambodia. Having those moments, the little connections that make you a family is what i love to foster and document through my photography. The thing is there aren’t universal best books on the subject of yoga; i’ve found that reading is so subjectively based on your own personal likes and dislikes and experiences in life. While the bill is designed to protect the privacy and rights of the citizens within the state, it also effectively makes street photography illegal from viewing or taking in the state of arkansas. Would i recommend joining an eric kim photography workshop. Interviewers will be thinking that you might get bored or dissatisfied with this job and leave once reaching in that stage. It all came together perfect. Css rules and have complete control over the look of the timeline. In fact, the technical quality of today's dslrs are so good that it will be the skill of the astrophotographer and the amount of work he or she is willing to put into their hobby that will be the limiting factor in the quality of their results.

Photography Assistant Jobs Overseas

If you’re a portrait photographer, then you should follow her facebook page. The droplet being underneath the flower vs. If it is not 3″, simply type the value in the horizontal and vertical . Few westerners in india were not a part of the colonial presence, and it was the westerners who formed the major market for photography in india, as although they were a small minority of the population, they were largely those with the money to buy photographs. 2 billion to create the world trade center health program.  it has a beach, some rocky coast, and a little walking bridge. When i look at this photo i see myself under that umbrella with a drink and my feet up completely at peace. One of the top free website builders, it supports all kinds of online ventures from e-stores, to blogs and portfolios you can launch everything using webnode. As an outsider seeking a name for himself in the arts, photography brought man ray everything he could have wanted: access to upper class wealth through portraiture; fame; and ultimately a measure of financial stability. You know those prices that you see when you look on a photographer’s website.

So, right click “histogram,” select “look up in dictionary,” and we get:. Teach yourself: isolate, prioritize, scaffold. Using a flash on the camera will show the action as a static one instead of a blurry movement of that specific event. What do you do to make your photography business card stand out. Never pick any of the sunflowers without permission. What is aspect ratio in photography, and why is it important. Once again we were very lucky with the weather conditions, and the morning mist and fog created a dreamy atmosphere. On top of these practical and political motivations is the pleasure that comes from developing an idea, making it physically real, and sharing it with other people. Regular old posts look great as well. “the feeling during the first session i ever did was overwhelming.

Uniforms must be clean and worn neatly. Some of our current bookings and preferred locations include the breakers in palm beach, weston hills country club, the biltmore in coral gables, the addison in boca raton, the westin diplomat in hollywood, grove isle in coconut grove, cheeca lodge in islamorada & the ritz carlton, key biscayne. An online photography course offered through agentedu now makes it easy for agents to elevate their marketing expertise, attract new clients and grow their brand and business,” she added.  sure it was a hollywood prop, but it looked pretty darn cool, with a charred exterior that looked as if it had entered the earth’s atmosphere in a fiery blaze. After receiving an item i did not order and contacting your company i was informed that the item would be shipped through fedex and i would receive it by the date i needed it.

Here, i’ve used a bolt of quilter’s cotton in a lovely aqua shade with small polka dots. Commissions by the day - videography -. If any of these expectations are not being met, you should have a conversation with your supervisor to discuss the situation. To explore and share the places they captured and the people living there. I was looking at it again yesterday,” bender said through tears. However, people do not realize that ever since cameras have been developed and made available to everyone, they have been secretly becoming a threat to the techniques that professional photographers have studied for years. Many realistic older models are needed for all types of modeling jobs. Now hunters needed even greater skill if they wanted to eat meat.

Your holiday company photo booth rental will always include. Do not use images and graphics. Part 2: equipment that can be used to help you improve on your flower photos. So lightroom still has a way to go in import performance. Who should attend: beginner and intermediate photographers looking to explore the nuances of composition while shooting in classic cape cod landscapes and habitats. We are aware that only long-term satisfaction of our customers will let us all develop and successfully maintain our business. Many mirrorless cameras continue to use the slr type design (with the electronic viewfinder in a hump in the center of the body) even though they are not, strictly speaking, slr cameras as they don’t have a reflex mirror. Niod photography fluid is available from ry.

If you’re not seeing a sufficient hit rate, try another set or customising it further if necessary. My body and mind warm up nicely to photographing birds, and i experience less anxiety, even in the most pressurized and fleeting moments. Our newborn shoots are about the connection between baby, mommy, and daddy. Fashioned by the muskrats, as i saw when the snow melted showing. Holiday card photos for lily and aj (and bear, the borador) on their organic christmas tree farm in scio, oregon. My best friend is panthera, a black leopard, and i like to spend most of my time running around and playing with him, and greeting the volunteers that stop by and say hello. ” this desire to simplify and lighten the load is common among people just getting started with a dslr or looking to take a first trip abroad. Photojournalists tell stories through pictures. Don’t be afraid of less than ideal weather. “but probably i didn’t.

The corporation expected the two sculptors to pay their own expenses to these meetings. Some of these jobs even offer paid, on-the-job training. Where might they be most likely to get a sense of you and your company. He mentioned that common hourly rates for consulting are in the $600 an hour dollar range — sometimes with a mathematics degree you can really make a killing. I’m here to solve your problems”. Open to any digital camera including smartphones. I think one of the biggest business victories is keeping your butt in the chair and getting instruction from people who have already done it.

Some interesting tips about lenses, thanks.   copals are from long dead trees, and often dug from the ground. How sebastião salgado got started in photography. We can sense morris' enthusiasm for the subject, but it doesn't always translate into a film where you feel as if you're really inside of the world he's showing you, understanding it on an emotional as well as technical level. The camera, but the software is able to do much more, such as compensating for camera orientation. They soon returned to mississiippi. Worst customer service people i have ever experienced.

In this project, we will build two simple and inexpensive circuits that, along with your dslr camera, a slave flash, and an arduino uno, can reproduce some of the characteristics of high-speed photography to capture unusual moments in time. Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this show:. My rep doesn’t price based on codb, but on what the market bears. The good news is, you get to decide how much to charge for your work. You can have your own profile, upload your own photography and follow other users that you like. I would recommend dj to anyone wanting to try something new, especially first timers entering the world of boudoir. This prop adds life and style without breaking the bank. Do i need to slice the wordpress theme for design & photography psd files myself. Each kit from purl soho comes with a packet of transfers depicting trees and woodgrain letters, plus fabric, embroidery thread, needles and a hoop. The backdrops can also be used with a backdrop stand and clamped into position.

Total costs of starting a portrait photography business:. If you are into fitness and health, you may enjoy a job as a personal trainer. The hint of balance and the lack of it. Color photography was attempted beginning in the 1840s. Is correct lenses are packed. “my goal with every shot,” szwarc says, “is to tell a story and hopefully allow the viewer to feel like they are actually there. Pet photography is messy, dirty, and at times incredibly frustrating work.

Take a look at this video featuring recent student work from our intro to digital photography 10 week course:. It will greatly reduce handshake as a source of blur. And i appologise in advance if i'm off base here - but something has been bothering me about your question. Lifestyle newborn portraits tend to capture more of the interactions between the parents and the baby in their own natural environment, their family home. 53 gives creative tools for drawing, sketching, outlining or writing.

Ideally, your dog's eyes and face are in perfect focus and the background is nicely blurred out - congrats, you've just shot a perfect portrait. If you are designing a website for your client then you can choose this them according to your client’s requirements and then give it a touch to make it more unique. Luminosity ( lightness ) is one of the most important concepts in photography. Again this job is not for everyone because you have to have experience. Don’t be afraid to venture out into a bit of rain or snow either, you just never know what you are going to get until you go. Although they copied the symbol of the ancient wisdom, few were privy to the truths of the scholars.

Computer science e-7 is a course at harvard extension school. " whereas the previous two photographers attempted to document mostly the historical buildings of mount vernon through photography, dillon sought equally the opportunity to immortalize its visitors. My prayers continue to stay with you and your family. An appreciation of this trend in photography in the united states. Simplest sensation is, in it.

A great dancer is not just performing (a role) but being (a dancer). You can read a full review of using that here. The trick about baptisms - and again, i know catholic churches best - is that they are usually not very congenial subjects for photography. Just saw a post on pdn about how low ball photographers are affecting the photography business in the us. It is a touching finale to an exhibition. Pricing yourself is one of the most difficult aspects of freelancing, especially if you’re just starting out and aren’t particularly confident. , the evident overlap is with film: it was shot on an extensive production schedule over two summers and one winter in western massachusetts.  as many of you know peter uses kino flo panels for his headshots but he uses profoto gear for his strobe lighting needs.

There isn’t a specific accrediting organization for photography, but for art schools and university art programs, the nasad (national association of schools of art and design) and the wscuc (wasc senior college and university commission) are two to look out for. First, the first shot which the camera believed to be ‘proper’ and its accompanying histogram:. However, such good feelings would not last. Along with the celebrations that accompany a college graduation season often comes the anxiety of actually finding a job. , bobby’s time growing up on the waters of the chesapeake bay nurtured his growing passion for all things nautical. Redesign/recess the lanyard so that it doesn't jut out and. Let’s begin our story. These venues offer a place where you can get close to the action without getting in anyone's way and practice the basics without too much pressure. If your submitted images are rgb and have less than 300dpi, they will look dark, desaturated, blurry and pixelated when printed.

“i mean that gaslucky got sheared in the big deal the other day at chicago,” lucas explained. The bird chirped, then off he flew across the lake. Listen to charlene tell her story who began as an outside b2b sales person and explains why she stays at. Lee filters boasts the legendary big stopper: a fantastic 10 stops nd which, until a few years ago, you had to wait almost 6 month to buy. More about that under lenses).

Photography Jobs Overseas
Cruise ship jobs: want to start doing travel photography. This ensures that the critical faintest detail...