Real Estate Photographer Jobs Maryland


The pair of images demonstrate that on a nikon d700, adjusting the. Instead, test out the lighting ahead of time and find one place to shoot. If you do not see a thumbnail image or a reference to another surrogate, please fill out a call slip in. (in speech) to control the outgoing breath in producing voice and speech sounds. Mental picture of each part using a comical image. A good starting point where you can discover many tips about good composition, learn the basics of light and pick up several useful techniques to improve your photography is our techniques section. Click the eye next to that layer to hide it. While there are menu adjustments for the dsp microphone equalizer, finding the right setting isn't easy, especially if you close talk your microphone (which you should do in any case).

real estate photography jobs in maryland
real estate photography jobs in maryland

So you don’t have to worry about a single loan going bad and ruining your investment. Working holiday visas have been our best strategy for basing ourselves in a region, earning the local currency, and then exploring. Photography functions, supposedly have never lied catch the object / reality, was able to change its interpretation. Kimbley also has a photographic memory, unfortunately. It's all been good news so far in our story of apple's founding and early development. How to continuously improve your skills. The season starts mid-april and finishes in october/november. The content that readers value most from photojournalists is essential information about the world them. Since i’m running the lights using hardcoded pwm levels straigt from the battery with no light level feedback or voltage adjustment, the light level goes down when battery voltage drops.

real estate photography jobs in maryland
real estate photography jobs in maryland

Photography is an art of capturing moments and preserving them from becoming history. By choosing an online program in this gratifying career field, you'll be one step closer to becoming a vital contributor to a healthcare team. It is of course a matter of taste, but i think it is worth the time to edit out these scars. This method is simple and quick. So, treat photography composition as a storytelling tool.

real estate photography jobs in maryland
real estate photography jobs in maryland

“dan has loads of valuable knowledge to share about having a profitable photography business. And thank you for the good wishes on my job search. Taking note of current logo trends doesn't suggest to mindlessly following them. So check everything, and when you’re done, check again. When looking into anything, it is always important (and fun. Always consider the stability, size, weight, and head type of your tripod. Are these questions the same in one case as in the other and, in the dream, do these questions already exist. He established small manufacturing workplace where he employed 40 working girls and.

First step: find a camera that you like and buy it. Unlike most serious intellectuals, ms. When we were finished, i pulled him aside and asked what he thought honestly and he said "i had a blast. There are other issues inherent in digital photography. This tendency sometimes leads cardinals to fly into glass windows, when they charge an “intruding bird” that is really their own reflection. You need to move all around your subject, get high, get low, shoot it from the front, shoot it from the back, shoot it from the side, angle it, get close up, get far back, etc…. So what is a photographer. There are no season distinctions; only wet and dry. Please note that i’m going to be listing some expensive gear here, but i’ll move on to less-expensive substitutes.

Appropriate to express the photon variation in terms of the standard. In lago agrio, maria lorena suares ostos, unhcr’s regional director, showed me a pin-covered map of ecuador’s border regions. The second reason is mirror quality. I find it easier to move the camera to the right and upward, but do whatever seems most comfortable for you. Either way, being conscious of what it does helps you to take better photos. The tricky part is setting the exposure, and this is especially true for landscape photographers. I would suggest doing the sprinkling after you take the paper out of the water but before it is dry.

Powered by a tank of gas and a grant from the guggenheim foundation, frank puttered west in june 1955. There are a number of distinctive characteristics which set this style apart from others. This book, the first comprehensive study of pictorialism in europe, analyses the remarkable diversity of approaches taken by photographers across the continent whose practice was infused with contemporary debate about photography's relationship to art. Description (from canon): the stellar combination of superlative optics, astonishing performance and brilliant construction, the ef 400mm f/2. Despite the entire load supported on just one shoulder, camera messenger bags allow for quick access to equipment without the need to remove the bag from your shoulder. You can change your consent settings at any time by unsubscribing or as detailed in our terms.

If you write the code without using interrupts, you would use a loop that waits for an external event and sets a gpio pin. This sticks and stones is available for $199. Guests and kids are seen prancing all over the wedding venue, this essence of indian weddings is visibly clear in kanupriya aurora’s, an indian wedding photographer, photographs on her wedding photography portfolio. For some general tips, you are going to want to pay attention to any room tone or noise that could be detrimental to your audio. Images are captured digitally, unless otherwise requested, with the nikon cameras and nikon lenses. Diy backdrops for blog photography. This article gives you a glimpse into the beauty and candor that can be achieved through black and white, once you begin training the eye to see the world as an endless stream of grays. I gave them a little a little break so that he could get the courage to propose.

Applied by james waterhouse sometime around alkaline gold toning. Not only will buying a lot save you money, it will save you time as well. I find it quite easy. Even a 600mm lens ain’t that powerful photographing something 93 million miles away. By using a tripod you can more precisely frame up your shot.

So if you like fujifilm colours and iq, that isn’t the sensor talking. Because of the advances in halftone printing, during the first decade of the 20th century, fashion photographs were made possible and started to appear in magazines. That's just my two cents. You'll find yourself extending your painting or photography knowledge in an informal, relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere. People liked that it was presented as art. After college, i travelled to india with a mate. We've seen our fair share of sparkler send offs, some of which have been amazing, others have been duds. Guts means bowels, in the latter’s senses of deepest recesses and pro-foundest feelings. It was hardly 3 months ago when news broke that condé nast was not only severing ties with ‘uncle terry’ but dropping all then-upcoming and unpublished work.

3 since satan is the author of all the evil in the world, it is essential therefore to realize that he is the influence behind the opposition to the work of god. Gallery) became a masterpiece adding to the attraction of feature a splendid. I try to respond to everybody, and it's good when it pays off and encourages people who are trying to get into the field. Her fiancee matt is a darling, and i’ve been looking forward to their big day all year. They form in odd clusters and towering walls with hundreds stacked in tight and deep. A major challenge of night photography, is being able to focus in the dark.

To my driveway opened and i parked in front of the garage. You may be in shooting in the middle of the day when the sun is so bright that your photo just does not look interesting, or even if you are shooting at the “golden hour” the lighting situation changes every second so you are constantly switching your camera settings. Rather he is interested in advancing his study of pictorial space and perspective. Thereafter, job relevant skills should be taught and this can also decrease the issue of unemployment amongst the females. He or she creates out of soure materials (bread, cheese, peperonni, etc) something new: a pizza. Bridestowe lavender estate is a 45-minute drive from the launceston city centre and the farm is a wonderfully picturesque spot. I understand that pier 24 essentially is a showcase for pilara’s collection (plus the collections of various other very wealthy individuals). After getting the wrong steel wool (remember.

Why not contact us now to discuss our food photography service and see how our business can help yours. It was intentionally snooty as a branding choice helping it contrast with, say, hustler. Technique does not the artist make, but it does enable the newcomer to find his or her own voice. Cons: scarcity of dividers; really wish it had a better waist belt. Artist had to find new modes of operation and seismic shifts in art production, from modernism to abstract expressionism, were all conceived in the wake of photography.

This is the reason that these are preferred in multi-monitor setup. I use images to express well-known concepts in contemporary psychology, including thoughts about personality, development, mental health, and psychopathology. I was determined to get there one way or another, and i’m up walking now and hopefully getting running again soon. 6 — its widest aperture — produces a very narrow depth of field at 4 feet. Q: could you define the cinematographers job. "in this photo, i tried to bring the intense and stacked living conditions that hong kong is famous for into perspective for the viewer.

This is a solid, reliable camera from one of the best names in photography, something any novice shooter would appreciate before upgrading to a more serious interchangeable lens device. I would now urge great caution to folk attempting to enter wildlife photography as a full time profession. You don’t need a ten lens kit starting out. Prints that fall off due to poor mounting will not be repaired, may not be judged and will be removed from the exhibit. Throughout the years, we have built strong working relationships and deep friendships for which we are truly grateful.

I would recommend chelsie to anyone. A connecticut state trooper is due in court this fall for sentencing, after he was found guilty of stealing from a motorcyclist who was dying on the side of the road. Denver area photographer specializing in newborns and high school senior photos. 5 spherical elements for corner-to-corner sharpness. Also please keep in mind that wedding photography is intense work that involves long hours and late nights. Tip:  make the percentage saved obvious. How do you print an html document.

Mid-1881 both publishers stopped issuing his prints.

Real Estate Photography Jobs In Maryland

I truly look forward to exploring elsewhere under such positive circumstances. Shoe flashes are designed to be portable, attaching to the body of the camera via the hotshoe, a plate of metal on top of the camera. Remember that every time you take pictures is an opportunity to learn more about your equipment, to experiment, and to have fun – think of it as a small gift to yourself this holiday season. Our pasco eschool franchise serves high school students and is open to pasco county residents in 9th-12th grades.   you can read the history.

Interesting, looking at this article, 2 years on. Chasing light and beautiful scenery is where you'll find me. Another technique you can use without worrying how your meter works is. Examples are falling calendar pages, railroad wheels, newspaper headlines and seasonal changes. Please help me spread the word by sharing this post on social media using the share buttons below. Or, go big and strive for strong, bold light that gives your shot some real punch. French art critic who gave the impressionists their name, please see:. Duplicate the layer again if needed to add even more contrast to the image. For astronomy photography, you will need to have the camera. If you're interested in wedding photography than this class is for you.

Wear black to be hidden in the image.  we are a full service studio, custom-based coordinating outfits, palettes, locations, body language; capturing real emotion. The essays made her famous, but she thought of herself as a novelist, always.  finally, you can overlay the detailed image of the moon into your landscape. Copy the url from your browser at the top of the page. With lelia, my wife, we created a project to do a kind of archeology of the industrial era. Set at 290ms and the 2. Traveling entrepreneurs and out-of-office events need these handy tools for easy file transfers and charging.   it seems like yesterday she was a newborn, and we were holding her in our arms. In my previous post i didn't mention saturation, contrast or sharpening just because the white balance setting and the tonal curve mapping have a much more dramatic impact on the histogram's appearence.

And, there are so several top photography classes out there that it isn’t possible to define any one as the perfect fit for all students – decide on the class that is right for you. Also check for paid publishing credits and awards… for example their books, magazine covers, outdoor photographer magazine, national geographic, astronomy photographer of the year, calendars, book covers, bbc, and so on. I’ve been wanting for so long to host styled workshops for local photographers, and while that dream is a bit farther out of reach at the moment, blogging answers to your questions is right within my grasp. Spend a night or two at one of the town's campgrounds, rent a rustic cabin or opt for a room at one of big sur's luxury resorts. While taking human form, he traps them in a confined place only to turn them against each other, before killing them one at a time. We, at kim ponsky photography, happen to be.

O'keeffe in her capacity as executrix of the stieglitz estate, title to the respective pieces of the stieglitz collection were transferred to the various named charities. “he’s realized over time that he’s not like everybody else,” weski says, “but it’s very normal to him. How long does it take to learn photography. He finally observes "long-focus lenses have usually a larger aperture than short ones, and. In addition to good image quality in all lighting conditions and a tilting flash, i think the option to change lenses is a huge benefit for travelers; you simply can't get a low-light-friendly lens that's portable and has the zoom range you usually want for your travels.   now put those skills to work in a job where you can continue to make a difference, grow your career, and enjoy the many benefits we have to offer. Stieglitz ran the legendary fifth avenue gallery 291 and published the journal camera work; in both, he championed intellectualism and the european avant-garde art. Prepare a 15-20 minute presentation on photography basics and go try it out. The epson photopc digital camera has a built-in flash sufficient for distance. And her “black seminole” strikes an amazing chord with the intermix of textures.

Dslr models are replaced infrequently, so your camera won't become obsolete as quickly. After all, your business photography images represent your company, which is why its important to choose only the best professional photographer. There are quite a lot of people who have made a lot of money through sales, and maybe the profession actually depends on the person. You must be able to capture the essence of camp through imagery in a non-evasive manner. When real estate companies began to market crown heights as a “newly discovered,” desirable urban frontier, s’s landlord levied the accumulated increase without warning.

Look around you and most likely you will find something interesting to photograph. The day before, it looked inevitably like the worst case scenario. The other was called airbnb. To further complicate indoor sports shooting, generally you will be far from the action and a long focal length will be needed to "zoom in" on the subject. The cell calculations are still in this, so if you fill in the blanks it should auto calculate. Hands-on instruction seminars include technical tutorials and image analysis.  in 1945, at the height of the second world war, and just as the national press photographers association was being founded stateside, associated press photographer joe rosenthal captured one of the most popular images in the history of photography. Their buffet dinner comprised of maple glazed salmon, beef wellington served from our carving station and brie and spinach stuffed chicken breasts. Drones are gaining a lot of popularity, both with businesses and individuals.

Photographer for her wedding…and then handing her a card and inviting her to. • you'll be receiving our photography digest with tips, tricks, reviews and discussions that you won't see anywhere else. Best of luck, and happy stacking. But our kids these days aren’t that way. Don’t be afraid to move around and take shots from alternate angles, especially changing the camera level. Black and white photography is a timeless medium that is always in demand by art enthusiasts.

That story can be sad, funny, tragic, beautiful or ugly but like any story its the punch line that is key. Simply enter some keywords related to your company or desired website into the box located to the left. For right now, he is an amazing mixture of the innocence of childhood and the insight of maturity.  hair, makeup, and posing are also included with these shoots and they start at $150. Please let them know charlene phoenix photography sent you for that service as well. I don't have anything to scrapbook though since i used to do concerts but don't have time for those anymore.

Visitors moved through the front doors, up an incline, and into a moorish style courtyard with fountains at each end. Toss in some cool packaging—a wood or fancy paper box—and you can build yourself a stunning deliverable. This is a tip that should be common sense but far too often goes ignored. C) i am not over qualified to be a stock boy (though i am damned good at it) i am orthogonally qualified for other jobs. Diffraction softening is a loss of sharpness or resolution caused by photographing with small f/stops and is a well known limiter in extreme macro photography. Then we set up the wind screen around the stove and lay the fish packet on top and cooked it to perfection. We can also imagine rivers and canyons, or white snow hills.

Why can't i get a shallow depth of field (dof) effect. But it wasn’t until this course that i clicked with an aha. Grand rapids boudoir photographer | miss g. We have fun working together and it shows. If you have the room and the flash power, why not try behind camera. Circle of confusion means we can see that this definition of . Turn your subject around and have them face where the sun was. After descending to take on more supplies, king and black went up again with the idea of not only. Even in the planning stages he made sure to review all the details with us, reviewed the schedule for the day and made sure we were in agreement over what we were looking for out of the photos.

 unlike larger falcons, the “sparrow hawk” has adapted to humans and nests even in our largest cities, where it preys chiefly on house sparrows (national audubon society, 2014). When you look at it where does your eye end up being attracted to the most. It was a privilege to meet you and your wife and i wish you all the best. You could have gift certificate promotions marketing to the parents or girlfriends or boyfriends of drivers, so on and so on. This provides the photographer a variety of different moods and results with just a solitary light source. The photographer could write notes about the photograph for later reference. The auto white balance on the gopro hero5 black tends to lean towards the green side underwater, whereas the gopro hero6 has a significantly improved shift to a much more appealing blue underwater.

You have to prepare a lot just in case the poses you planned for won’t work. Did you know you can self publish and make money with blurb. The good news are that i don't need black, quiet and expensive leica or konica hexar, my old minolta srt will do the job just fine. The quality of my photography has increased tenfold since getting this tripod. 23 photos of same-sex couples that will warm your heart. In addition, unclassified job recruitments can be accessed by clicking the "unclassified announcements" link. To do some spotting or take pictures.

We are available for in-studio or on location shoots, wherever you need us to go—domestic or international. You can donate, at the website you can find a lot about photography, not just about hardware. Location is one of the most important tips a person can remember when taking aerial photography. The image is created by printing under a. Contrarily to what most people say and advocate, i created my blog with the clear intention of turning blogging into a full-time job. Bristol blenheim mk1, seen here flanked by two supermarine spitfires. I had a paid internship in college, which i got because a friend had had the job and she was going on study abroad and she referred me (we had worked together at the student newspaper so she knew i would be a good fit. Alternatively, a client is free to negotiate longer embargoes or other restrictions upfront. Despite its advanced feature set, the interface of autopano is clean and comfortable to use and lets anyone stitch together their first panorama in as little as two steps. Hemoglobin: replenishes iron deficiency and stimulates iron production in blood.

It has nothing to do with expensive cameras or lenses. Summer island village is in the maldives. There is a fundamental freshness, vulnerability. Talbot ever residing in coeurville. There we go, an insight into my mind.

The tadoba andhari tiger reserve is of course the major focus of this indian wildlife photography journey, but our rich tapestry of experiences will be further enhanced by spending some time in other parts of this huge country. Only 8 litres of water allowed in each session. Another job for 13 year olds is working as a babysitter. The size of the hole lets more or less light into the camera, like your pupils. To begin the weaving, cut a long peice of wool or thread (i was using a different, green one in this) and tie it around the top where the loop is. Lumen printing is another camera-less process and belong to alternative processes area. Paint does not adhere as well to polywood, so you may have more limited color selection. Marco island has great expansive beaches for photography.

Real Estate Photographer Jobs Maryland

Seizing her opportunity, she sent the shots to several extreme publications, including. Opening youtube presents an interface whose flexibility and searchability is really rivaled by nothing else on the iphone -- not even the ipod app.  the art of baseball excellence. Never rent or sell our list to anyone. This process was explained in a simple instruction on using your camera.

Don't believe a photographer who claims his/her headshot will get you cast. Treated well, some tools last decades. By far the best option for your baby, but supplementing when necessary won’t take away from the valuable gift that you are giving your baby. On the flip side, she supposedly never expected to find herself in the white house. There’s a range of special effects and filters, camera modes, in-app photo editor, and social sharing available, just to to name a few. If you concerned about children accessing adult oriented. Misfortunes of others and inspire them to take action to alleviate their.

I don’t know how that would work but i am definitely open to it. They are looking directly into the camera with no reticence or discomfort. Shooting in raw is one of the best ways to have total control over your images in post-processing. Photo editing with adobe photoshop. The important thing is that it is real, not fake or cgi.

It has one of the most stunning skylines with its bright flashing lights that beckon you to this incredible holiday destination. You can also utilize lenses with image stabilization. There’s a vibrant and growing community of film shooters online and there’s no sign of this movement going away any time soon. Please call ahead as my schedule stays full during the summer tourist season. All calls to and from uniquephoto are recorded. Jelena was extremely friendly and accommodating, and her love for her job and working with kids truly showed throughout the session. The stop bath stops the action of the developer. The first is that it is just that. From reading the reviews, i am thinking this company is a scam and plays with your money for as long as it can.

If you tilted your camera, for example, most likely you have lost symmetry. Kubrick  released his most popular film,. Increasing the box size gives the solver more data to work with. What's that buzzing above the neighbor's house. Shibuya crossing was of course one of my destinations. Some are empty, already boarded up, and they'll be demolished soon enough.

Elements llc—personality on paper. Zoom as closely as you can – a 600mm telephoto zoom lens is ideal but may require some additional support. Today i want to share with you an amazing and interesting photography app - clone camera. Samuel wins by working back to the throw, keeping defenders on his hip and finishing catches with vice-grip hands. During the night the skies opened up and flooded the capital city so badly that gutters were flowing over, car showrooms had to be emptied and many houses and cars stood under water. Whether it is with my wedding clients, family portraits, or anything i do. Hi paddy, i use 5 minute photo on my viewing stations and it works like magic. T or timed setting this setting is used in a very similar way to the “b” setting and the same effects can be achieved. Search for specific moments, compare ages. Similar to grain in analog film, digital noise is usually not something you want, yet sometimes it's also unavoidable.

A photograph’s value may increase dramatically from one season to the next, depending on what’s hot and what’s not at auctions. Its business i agree, but rather unsavory. I get excited every time i’m scheduled to head out that way. I have found that when shooting at macro distances i can get about a two-stop advantage when employing the hybrid is system. Be useful for focusing in dark conditions.   get close to your subject. You cannot hold reality but you can hold a photograph.

Our 70,000 alumni are living proof that our students achieve greatness—on campus and out in the world. I’m 6’2" and all the chairs are about six inches high. Same thing for the lighting, always shoot away from the sun. Illustrate a way to quickly and effectively process your images to get a finished star trails photograph. Recording events—whether a campout, a family picnic, or other event, photography allows us to record the people and events involved. Photographing landscapes using your digital slr. She captured our day perfectly and was so much fun to work with. I love the way these turned out, everyone was very please. (image: fishercott911: flickr creative commons, qthomasbower: flickr creative commons). Typical camera lens filters used in digital photography.

For more popular types of macro gear, read this post on accessories for macro photography. This is where you will find photographs relating to astronomy, star constellations, contrast between land, water and sky, photography and after dark, to name but a few styles. Could you elaborate a tad more as to why this would be beneficial with todays hardware/software. Even if they trim their pubic hair, they don’t care about yours, necessarily. Our suggestion would be to go with one external flash. Get some killer testimonials and put them everywhere. The subject should be in the center of the background and near where it begins to sweep up.  many of these are staged and refer to the history of art and philosophical problems of representation – our collective need to visualise and have our past confirmed.

Cavens photography is based in battle ground, but we travel anywhere for weddings.   let’s move on and talk more about bird photography. You see what people eat. Retro camera, as the name implies, adds a retro look to your images. Smith: for our business, i think the biggest challenge is perception.

Here are some situations that would require two photographers:. Each f stop is one half the size ( lens frontal area ) of the one below it. Was it also a richochete when the bulldozer ran over rachel corrie on the southern border of gaza. Deliver a message (through your website, social media, etc. When it was first published in life magazine, it was described as the exact moment of the soldier's death, and quickly became one of the most famous war photographs of its generation. Knowing the basic differences between the two types of media and cameras can help photographers decide what to use to produce their perfect desired image. The point is, is to make fun of photographers, which i think the article succeed to. At first i thought maybe they were different, but i find book refs that say they're the same.

Although images aren’t as good as on some of the other sony bridge cameras, they’re passable given the price. When flying a remote control aircraft, the same physics apply as piloting a manned aircraft. During a quiet spot in the traffic i laid in the wet road, my assistant was lighting the subject, see image, the shot worked well on the back of the camera but some obvious post processing was going to be needed to complete the final image. There will most likely be photos involved, as i am a photographer after all. A tripod will also make it easy to keep the camera level without suffering from camera shake. His name was ever present in terms of combat photography and wartime photojournalism and his action photographs portrayed violence with extraordinary impact. Html  and you will find some free facebook timeline cover photo templates. “it’s very involved, it’s very complicated, and you get one shot. You won’t find a better wall mural out there - we guarantee it. How do you reduce photo size from megs to 250 kb.

But i can also grudgingly understand why people get excited. The photos above show the studio that can be purchased, one that is made from a cardboard box, and one made with pvc pipe. We will also be adding archive material relating to conceptual photography and, as we put up these films and interviews, we will be asking via facebook and twitter for people's own opinions and definitions of the term. If you can’t afford a photographer then invest in a portable lightbox and a dslr so you can capture your own high quality images on demand. Brooklyn nyc newborn baby family photographer.

Perhaps you’re tired of your day job. In his first retrospective monograph from 1994 bernhard states, "michael's photographs are islands of serenity and silence in a loud and chaotic world. Jeffrey, you are so interesting to read. That’s why boudoir photographers have a big role to play not only to guide subjects through the shoot, but also to make them feel at ease. Multimedia artists and animators may also receive on-the-job training to learn how to use a company-specific animation software.

We had a great time and i cannot wait for the next session with these two. This winter i was delighted to be commisioned to photograph the wedding of yeimi and andrew as they commited their futures together in presence of family and friends onboard a boat on lake atilan, panajachel guatemala. By making decisions about iso settings, shutter speed and aperture you develop an understanding of the technical aspects of cameras that influence how your pictures appear. Over the years i have researched all kinds of photography as well as photographers. We had a day of mishaps.

Other photographers run their own studios. Joshua and emily, i cannot tell you how honored i am that you would ask me to document this day for you both. So as a scientist, there's less chance of a job. I just sold my minolta autometer iv on ebay last week. Goal 2: having a prominent father figure in a male youth is very important.

He served as an ambulance driver for several months until early 1916, when he contracted pleurisy from exposure to bad weather and was repatriated to australia to recover. People in their real lives; people from the south accuse him of showing. From simple posters and signage to more elaborate displays, we can help you make an instant impact with great point of purchase campaigns. A 10-mile charity run in omaha, nebraska (not whistler blackcomb)…. Semi-abstract work can have a lot of impressive qualities. Art lights are very commonly used amongst avid art collectors because an art light can help bring some of the darker parts of the art piece to light. All still photos are provided the same day by 10pm.

When confronted with a low-light situation, you need to decide what type of photograph you want to take and adjust your settings accordingly. In digital photography, the iso measures how sensitive the image sensor is. It favors rocky reefs in cool waters in the western pacific, where it feeds on shellfish and crustaceans, though little more is known about it.